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The JAAJ Japanese Language course (JJLC) is one of the main pillars of Japanese education in Jordan. The course provides those interested in the Japanese language culture with a chance to study the basics of the challenging and unique language that is the Japanese language.

In the past few years there has been a massive increase in interest in Japanese language. JJLC is working hard to provide for the needs of as many a Japanese language fan as possible

The Japanese language courses have been growing steadily since the year 2001 and currently we are being faced by a very high demand by the people of all ages and nationalities wishing to study the language. Our capacity to accommodate students is around 20 students. In order to select the most enthusiastic and dedicated students for the course we will be holding a very simple placement test in Japanese letters for all students as explained below.


The Japanese language writing system has three types of letters, HIRAGANA, KATAKANA and KANJI. In level one we will study the first type of letters called HIRAGANA, HIRAGANA are composed of 46 syllables each representing a sound. We will study both how to pronounce and write all of them, and you must master hiragana to advance to higher levels. Japanese language has 5 vowels ( A I U E O ) while Arabic has 3 ( A U I ). HIRAGANA letters are composed of the 5 vowels and combinations of vowel and Consonant like the below table. Students are expected to memorize as much as possible of this table for the exam.Please view this orientation paper for even more detailed information.

Orientation handout

To provide as many students with the chance to participate in course, the course is provided with a fee of 20JD per 4 month level.

The next semester of Japanese language levels will start on the beginning of the month of march 2010. Registeration will start on the beginning of february 2010 and last for 2 weeks after which an orientation lecture followed by the selection exam before the beginning of the course.

To register your name, please contact the JAAJ office at : (06) 5812522














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